Nowadays it is very common for companies to organize business lunches with clients. The objective is clear, create or close some type of agreement, deal with specific issues, gain the trust of a potential client, etc. In other words, take advantage of this moment to improve the relationship and earn the customer’s trust, rather than just talking about business.

One of the strengths of this type of event is that they allow you to carry out a business meeting in a neutral environment, without taking time away from the productive moments of the agenda.

Apart from maintaining a good personal image, in these types of events For networking, it is also important to know how to behave at the table.

Comida de negocios exitosa

If you’ve ever had doubts about what you should do at a business lunch, here are some tips to make sure everything goes well:

Choose a good restaurant

Your main objective in a business lunch is to close an agreement, be it with a client, a partner, etc. For that reason, do not be stingy and choose a restaurant with a good reputation, both for the food and for the service.

Be punctual

Just like you must be on time when you go to the movies, to a doctor’s appointment, to go to work, etc. You should also go to a business lunch in advance, especially if you are responsible for organizing the meal. It is very bad that the guest arrives earlier, so be at least 15 minutes before the time.


It is very important that you be yourself and that you enjoy the food. Do not force situations in which you are not going to be comfortable, naturalness is undoubtedly a very strong bridge when it comes to conquering.

Take care of your manners for

It may seem obvious, but it is important to remember that you are “working” and not having a casual dinner with your friends. Remember not to chew with your mouth open, not to stretch out in the chair, and especially not to speak with your mouth full. Also, it is advisable to leave the phone silent and put it away.

They are not all business

Even if your goal at lunch is to close a project, try not to just talk about business. Take the business issue calmly and delicately to make the food more natural, so your customer will not feel pressured.

Forget the mobile

Although we live in a world where it is difficult for us to ignore the mobile phone, forget about it for a few hours when you are with a client, otherwise it will show a lack of respect and interest towards the other person. Nothing happens to answer an email, WhatsApp, or call later.

Take into account what you ask

Avoid ordering a copious amount of food, it will give the feeling that you have not eaten in days, and do not ask for very aromatic food since the smell of the environment may not be very comfortable. The best thing is to order something light and that you are sure that you will like it (try not to try new things).

Ask for a recommendation for the wine

If you are not an expert in the field, the waiter should recommend you, so you will avoid looking bad. Attention, remember that you are not at a dinner with friends so drink in moderation.


Topics to avoid during lunch

There are certain topics of conversation, such as religion, politics that it is better to avoid so that the environment does not get too tense.

Acknowledgments for

Whether you are the guest or not, always thank the company and arrange the next meeting to close the business discussed during lunch or dinner.

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