The economic situation in recent years, although it is indeed getting better and better, has caused the job search to become a somewhat complicated task, especially in certain sectors such as construction. We have had to learn to prepare ourselves to face a small number of jobs with highly prepared opponents and in complex situations, but which guarantee us experience and money. Therefore, for us to be chosen among all the candidates who have applied for the vacancy, it is very important to know how to sell yourself.

Although it may sound like something cynical or superficial, knowing how to sell oneself is the order of the day today, or does someone dare to say that it is not something important?

When we go to any job interview, the first thing you see of a person is the image he transmits. A good appearance, hygiene, clean clothes, a smile will always prevail over an image of a person who is not well-groomed, disheveled, or gives off a bad smell since it shows an image of neglect and lack of interest that the interviewers will not like. If we were talking about a metaphor, it could be the same when buying fruit: an orange may be very good on the inside, but if on the contrary, the outside is moldy and mushy, we will probably never choose it.

The moment the interview begins, it is very important to know how to sell yourself, not with your image but with our actions and statements. This does not mean that we have to lie or fantasize, simply know how to enhance our qualities in a subtle way making our defects diminish. Therefore, the attitude that we show is basic, showing naturalness and security before what we say, knowing well everything that is written both in our CV and in our cover letter. Also, it is advisable that previously, any candidate is informed about the company to which they have applied as well as the position to which they aspire, so it is good to prepare some possible questions.

It is also very important to be congruent with what we say. If to a question we answer that we are calm people and that we know how to control situations well, and in another question that we feel uncomfortable we begin to lose our nerves and show insecurity, we will not be acting according to our words, so our credibility will be annulled.

Remember that an image is worth a thousand words and that as candidates we are still products to be bought by companies, products in which they invest a lot of time and money and if they hope to get the best results. Therefore, we must identify our weaknesses, threats, strengths, and opportunities. Once we have discovered it, either by having a very clear image of ourselves or by having asked others what image we transmit, we must try to enhance the positive, always from the side of humility and with temperance.

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