Do you want to start a coaching process and you don’t know how to choose a good coach? In this post, you will find tips that will help you decide successfully!

The Web

The web of any professional gives us many clues that can serve as an initial filter. We can intuit the degree of professionalism of the coach, her style, the feeling that she transmits to us. Can there be a good coach without a website? Yes, and he is probably an inexperienced coach (it doesn’t mean he doesn’t do it well). It all depends on what you are looking for.


I recommend that you look at professionals who have a certification recognized by ICF or ASESCO, which are the official coaching bodies, and give you a guarantee that the coach who will accompany you has completed enough hours of training and supervised practices.

Hours of “flight”

The experience of a coaching professional is measured through the hours of coaching that he has done (such as airplane pilots).


A professional who is in continuous training, updated on new trends, and constantly learning, will ensure a good accompaniment and you will notice it in your results.


The professional coach adheres to the code of ethics and consequently undertakes to maintain total confidentiality. They will invite you to sign a confidentiality agreement before starting the coaching process. This will give you confidence so that you can express your intimacies.


How much would you pay to achieve what you propose? My opinion is that hiring cheap services that do not take you where you want is more expensive than paying more and getting what you propose. The price of a coach can often give you clues about their level of experience and professional success.


To know how to choose a good coach, it can help you to look at: what do users say about him/her?

Talk about yourself

The professional coach focuses on you, not him/her. If in the first conversation/session, you notice that she focuses a lot on talking about her life … better find someone else who focuses on your life.

It does not recommend

If a coach tells you directly or indirectly, what to do, what would be best for you… she is not coaching. Professional coaching does not recommend or comment on your situation, it only accompanies you.

Do not judge

A coaching professional will never tell you if something you are telling or doing seems right or wrong. And not because she doesn’t want to tell you, but because she doesn’t think so. When he/she starts a coaching session, he/she removes the judgment from his/her head (has no judgment).


A good coach is one who transmits a good feeling to you. It may be that a coach works for your neighbor and not for you. You have to feel “wanting” to work with that person, feel “that it goes with you.” Do not confuse feeling with comfort or sympathy (Coaches sometimes bother you to get out of your comfort zone and we are not friendly all the time because we do not buy your story).

I hope my tips have been useful for you to know how to choose a good coach.

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