If there was a magic pill to “know what I want” in times of confusion, it would be more expensive than gold since discovering it sometimes becomes a real challenge.

Confusion is a kind of labyrinth that traps us and does not let us out even if we want to. All of us experience moments of confusion in different ways, for example, some relax during the decision process, and yet some cannot stand not having answers and hit the walls of the labyrinth.

There is no magic formula to “know what I want”, even so, if I am going to share some tips that help you in your moment of the mental maze.

Turn off all voices, except yours

And how is that done? Recognizing, accepting, and giving value to one’s thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Only by wanting what we are, will it bring us closer to truly listening to ourselves. So don’t judge yourself, accept yourself.

Give yourself time

If we let the orange juice rest, the pulp separates from the juice. Time and rest often become our allies when it comes to knowing what we want. In conclusion, you are not always ready to make a decision.

Limit the advice

Be careful with the recommendations! Since sometimes they can confuse us more than clarify. If you ask for advice, think carefully about who you are talking to. The advice of another person is not always valid for oneself. Before asking someone for a recommendation, ask yourself: how is that person doing in the field I’m going to ask about?

Imagine yourself in ten years 

Visualize your life in ten years and ask yourself from the future: what recommendation do I give to my “me” now?

Analyze pros and cons of each option you have in mind

What do I win and what do I lose in each situation? Make lists and see how you feel in each position.

Take the first step

Many times you need to start walking to feel what you really want. Sometimes a meaningless action or step opens up a world for us. Move, activate, move forward, even if you’re not sure what you’ll find.

What is keeping me from knowing what I want?

Asking yourself this question will help you uncover the obstacles that are keeping you from thinking clearly. It could be that you actually already know what you want, yet something inside you doesn’t allow you to see.

Hidden benefit

How is not knowing what you want is benefiting you? Does not deciding to bring you any hidden benefits? For example, Juan spent months without knowing what he wanted for his future job. He had many ideas, however, he could not understand which one he wanted the most. He spent months in turmoil, as staying like this allowed him to be safe from the fear of returning to the work environment.

Cheat yourself

Take an action that involves a commitment. For example, if you hesitate to enroll in a course, send an email to the school announcing that the next day at five you will give a secure answer.

Trust and relax

It always gets out of the maze and remembering this will help you stay calm and serenity during the process.

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