Today I want to share with you a goal achieved in my continuous professional improvement: the completion of the high-performance course for coaches that I started in 2019 taught by my trusted school, with which I also collaborate on occasions.

This title means to be one of the results of my commitment to continuous improvement in my profession. Always learning, updating, improving, with a single objective: to be able to help you better.  We have known for a long time the importance of training, learning, knowing more about what we do.

And what is continuous improvement for us?

  1. To motivate you more: when “we already know everything”, we enter the comfort zone (what is known to me), where we are very comfortable and where there is also the risk of getting bored. Learning new things, different ways of doing and discoveries will increase your motivation in your professional field.
  2. To create connections and relationships: human relationships are necessary both to nurture ourselves at the level of knowledge and on a personal level. Sharing with a group of people with the same interests will enrich you on many levels and you will surely gain enriching personal relationships (friends, friends) and professionals (collaborators, partners, colleagues).
  3. To provide better service: in all sectors, the more we know, the better we can help others. Put the focus outside of ourselves, focus on what we contribute to the world, and do it in the best possible way. With this, we gain happiness (the happiness of helping others), and also money since the best work is done brings us more clients, more sales and better remuneration (who said that money is bad?).
  4. To teach others: everything you learn, you can pass on and help other professionals to help better.

Why does it cost you?

  1. You think you can’t afford it: You think you don’t have enough money to spend on new training, without realizing that it is not an expense, it is an INVESTMENT. You need to invest in yourself to generate more money. Imagine that you are a machine created in 1060. Do you really think that you can perform the same in the middle of 2020? You need to update! Find out about the payment facilities that many schools offer and go for it! Stop being the first Nokia you had and become the new Smartphone.
  2. You think you are too old: this is typical until you meet a 75-year-old man studying for a degree. If you are passionate about your profession, it will never be too late to learn and invest in your continuous professional improvement.
  3. You don’t have time: let me tell you what this is: LIE. You have 24 hours a day like everyone else, the problem is that continuous improvement is not among your priorities because you may not realize its value. I had a boss who said, “who wants to find a time and who doesn’t want to find excuses”.

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