Every year on these dates, many young people stay at home defoliating the daisy to choose a university degree. Although some have been clear about it for a long time, others are faced with a sea of ​​doubts and confusion.

If you are one of them, this post is for you. In it, you will find five exercises that will help you decide and you can stop giving the coconut.

Based on what criteria will you choose your career?

First of all, it is important that you decide based on what criteria you want to choose your professional future. I suggest you list the following criteria or others according to your priorities.

What I like the most: Are those activities that naturally arouse your interest, those with which you enjoy the most and that sometimes make you lose track of time to perform them. You will be able to recognize them by observing what you do when you have nothing to do, what kind of books are on your shelf, what videos you watch on YouTube, what stops you when you are walking down the street….in short, what moves you and lifts your ass off the couch.

What has more professional opportunities: if you decide to choose a university career based on the possibilities you will have to find work, it will be useful to inform yourself in articles and studies on trends future of most wanted professional profiles. Look for reliable and objective data, and make sure not only to listen to what your close circle says since this is conditioned by their context and the world they know. This link may help you: 14 professions with a great future

What makes me earn more money: you cannot know now what form you will give to a profession and what future options you will find. Thinking about the topics, you can study law and be an unsuccessful lawyer, and on the contrary, you can study makeup and get rich. Even so, if you prefer to choose based on the average of the highest-paid professions, you can also obtain this data by informing yourself in statistics or studies from truthful sources: professions and careers most in-demand in 2020.

What I do best: is about what you are good at and many times it is related to what you like to do the most, but sometimes not. Many people have acquired skills in activities that were not initially chosen by them, but by their relatives. Identify if what you know how to do very well is aligned with your real interests.

What my family recommends: Your family wants the best for you, and perhaps for this reason you want to listen to them and choose what they recommend. The problem is that not all of us enjoy doing the same things, we are different. Some people decide based on family recommendations and after a while, they realize that what they are doing does not fulfill them. Once the priority of your criteria has been decided, review your list of options and choose which of them matches your choice priorities.

What prevents you from choosing?

Another exercise that will help you clear your mind when choosing a university career will be to identify your limits, what is preventing you from choosing. Here are some typical cases, although yours may be different.

Fear of being wrong: So that the fear of error stops paralyzing you, it will be useful to focus on learning. Everything you do in life will provide you with learning. It may be that you are trained in something that you will not end up working on, even so, surely the knowledge acquired will add to your development and in other areas of your life. You can train throughout your life and you can change direction whenever you want, all this will expand your knowledge, skills, and abilities. As Manolo García said, “Time is never wasted”.

I don’t know if I will be able: what will happen if you are not capable or good enough? Thinking about the worst-case scenario will also help you move on. There is only one way to know if you can handle it; testing it.

I do not know the professional opportunities: many careers are attractive for their titles and content, although you do not know exactly what you can do when you finish the training. Find out not only at the university or academy that provides the training. Look for professionals in the sector and ask them what they do, how are their day to day and everything that worries you. Do your research to find the information you need to make a decision. Surely many professionals are delighted to help you, they also went through this.

Low chances of success: No one can guarantee you the chances of success you have by choosing an option. Some people succeed in low-demand professions and others are in rising sectors and without work. Also, think that times and circumstances continually change and not everything is predictable. The current scenario and its future forecasts do not have all the information about how we will be in a few years. Don’t forget that a high percentage of your chances of success depend on you (regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in).

Pros and Cons Exercise

If after analyzing what criteria you will use to choose a university degree and what is preventing you from choosing, you continue not knowing what you want, you can do the following exercise of pros and cons. Make a list of the careers you have in mind and then write the pros and cons that you can find in each of them (both while you study and later in the future work). What do you think What will you win and lose in each situation? The fact of imagining the different scenarios and observing what you feel while writing each one of them will help you achieve mental clarity.

Journey into your future

Who said you can’t travel in times of coronavirus? Wherever you don’t go with your body, you can go with your mind.

To do this exercise, I recommend choosing a quiet and intimate place. With your eyes closed and if you want with relaxing music in the background, take a trip into your future. Imagine what your life will be like in ten years;

  • What work are you doing?
  • How do you feel about that job?
  • What did it take to get there?
  • What message do you give to your present self?

When you return to your present, you will have discovered something new, since you will have traveled to a place where you have never been before; your future.

Take action; choose your university degree

If, after reflecting on the previous points, you still cannot choose a university degree, you may be in paralysis by analysis,  and believe me, you can spend years like this. Now is the time to take action. Open the form and start your registration process without knowing what will happen. When you are faced with the options, let your instinct guide you and trust it … hit the ok! Sign up! You may never be completely clear, you may have doubts after signing up, you may not be entirely sure of your decision, and nothing happens. Keep going, only by testing you will know if that is your way. You are always on time to change.

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