Searching for a job abroad is an increasingly popular resource, especially among students and young people. Specifically in Spain, where in recent years the unemployment rate has been in full growth and salary reductions have increased, working abroad is a great opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

A well-written resume is the key to success for every job seeker. It is a misconception that the job search abroad and at home is very different. No – this is not true, good professionals are needed everywhere. Job seekers in other countries will need a full translation of their curriculum vitae into a foreign language, which can be done either by themselves or with the help of monstrаtext. It is advisable to bear in mind that a lot depends on the right information, because employers consider each candidate very carefully.

This challenge can be complicated and indecisive, and sometimes it is scary to leave your native country, but what is certain is that within the European Union it is much easier to be able to work freely in other countries.

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So, below you will find a series of steps and tools necessary to successfully find the job you want outside your borders.

Don’t be afraid

Forget the bad comments and focus on what it is that you really want. Even if you move alone, think that many people have gone through the same thing as you and are currently happy. Also, there you will find many people who will help and support you on your journey. And if it doesn’t work, there is always the possibility of returning to your native country and rebuilding your working life.

What profile and needs do you have?

Once the decision to work abroad has been made, the next thing is to be clear about your profile and what vacancies suit your work needs. Make a list of those countries that have job characteristics similar to what you are looking for and choose the one that provides you with the possibility of finding a job, always thinking about your well-being.

Inquire about the country where you are going to work for

Do in-depth research on the country you’re working in to make sure you like it. It is interesting to know about the culture, history, and local people, but what is really essential is to inquire about the country’s labor market and its working conditions.


Knowing languages ​​is the basic requirement to be able to work in any country that does not speak your mother tongue. English is essential since it is the language par excellence in the world, but that is not the excuse to think that you already have guaranteed job opportunities in the country you want to go to. Get involved in the country’s own language and consider if you have enough knowledge to defend yourself. If not, you can always resort to language courses or academies to learn a medium level of the language before leaving.

Speaking Spanish is a great advantage

In many countries both inside and outside the European Union they are looking for workers with requirements of a native or excellent level of Spanish, so take the opportunity to reinforce this advantage.

The CV adapted

Each country has its own way of writing a resume and cover letter. Possibly your documents in Spanish format are not adequate to present in the country where you want to work, so inquire about the necessary criteria and norms and create your new CV. It is interesting to write it in the language of the country and ensure the spelling and cohesion of the text to guarantee interest in the company.

Take advantage of social and new networks technologies for

With the advent of new technologies, job search abroad has improved its practicality. Create a profile on the most used professional social networks, adapt your training and experience according to your work interests, and do an intense search for job offers.

A tip to make a good impression through the screen is to adapt your profile picture, being professional enough. The contacts you have are also essential to find opportunities and communicate with new people. Besides, you can also contact a reference in the industry to which you would like to join to find out possible job offers and receive good advice on living abroad.

Integrate with people local

Meeting local people from the country where you are going to work can open many doors in the job market. Also, it is interesting to have good social relationships to start your new challenge with energy and enthusiasm. Before leaving, it is interesting to contact social network groups (such as Facebook) with both native and foreign people who live in the same situation as you. Once in the country, another good idea to socialize is to go to meetups of the language you want to practice where you can exchange opinions and ideas with new people. You never know where a good and lasting friendship can come from!

Deciding to work abroad always has its pros and cons, but with desire and enthusiasm you can enjoy an experience unique, with job opportunities that you had never considered, and reinforcing languages ​​and incredible social relationships.

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